Who can choose Thai massage?

Everyone, regardless of age or not. People who are standing or sitting, musculoskeletal – back- waist- and neck pains, tongue, spinal cord, joint complaints, circulatory – high or low blood pressure, frequent headaches, migraine and psychic – vegetative and psychosomatic complaints – are almost compulsory at least monthly it can be used once for disease prevention and life quality improvement.

What clothes should I wear during thai massage?

You can come to our salon in all dresses. When choosing a traditional massage, you get comfortable upper and lower massage cloth from our masseur.

During the thai aroma oil massage participant only wear a towel on the body.

During the massage, every jewel must be removed.. Before and after a massage, you can have a shower in our completely separated shower room.

Can I have a special request for the thai massage?

Massage is a scientifically supported, centuries-long refined procedure and sequencing, but – if required – a masseuse draws attention to sensitive or over-massage points. The pressure used can be varied according to your preferences, so be sure to tell your masseuse about any pain or problem areas that you would like addressed. If this is your first time, you may want us to use less pressure, while more pressure can be applied as your body can tolerate deeper work. Always feel free to request the level of pressure that feels right for you.

When the Thai massage is not recommended?

Any varietys of thai massage is not recommended for anyone under the age of 14. 

There are diseases or conditions when thai massage is not recommended. These are of the following conditions, diseases:

cancer, severe heart failure, dermatological problems and disorders, osteoporosis, hypertension, artificial limbs, prostheses, severe varicose veins, acute inflammation of the veins (will hook onto a piece of embolism, fungal foot (because of the spread of the infection), burns, leg ulcers, gangrene or an open wound, fracture, poisoning, acute seizures (rapid, often requiring intensive care), infectious disease, disease sthat requires medical attention, pregnancies at risk, alcoholic, drug user status, fever.

However, we recommend consult with your doctor about the applicability of thai massage.

Should I book in?

You should book via phone avoid waiting – +36303269990 – make your booking via the button below easy, quickly and comfortable:

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If you are registered, please arrive on time, we can hold your reservation only up to 10 minutes. In case you late please let us know by telephone. We can move your reservation into other free appointment.

Should I pay with a bank card?

We accept the following bank cards:

Banc card thai massage

Should I pay with SZÉP-Card?

We accept all the 3 SZÉP-Card from the pocket number 3 – ” Szabadidő:”

SZÉP Card thai massage