Dear guests!

 In our massage salon, we constantly pay special attention to the hygiene of common areas and massage rooms. We focus on the prevention of diseases and the maintenance of general hygiene.

Visitors can use disinfectants at the arrival at the entrance to the massage parlor. Cleaning and disinfection of the massage parlor plays an important role in prevention, during which (listed without the need for completeness) we also disinfect the doors, windows and handles through the equipment of the massage parlor.

Common areas are cleaned several times a day because these areas are used more frequently, making them more at risk for the spread of disease. We change towels and mattress covers after each guest.

When you arrive at our massage parlor, please use the hand sanitizer.

 We provide a shower before and after the massages.

Help the work of our masseurs even now with proper hygienic behavior!

 Please do not visit us with a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or respiratory illness. Stay home for at least another week after the symptoms go away!

Thank you for your understanding!

 Employees of Smile Thai Massage